What it is name and Logo

It was a name which cling on mind, it don’t have conceptual process, It come naturally from founder Munir’s mind, said it was name really describe music we play and make. Urban & really metro name for a group music name, Although there are band called Dexy’s Midnight Runners and punk’s band name as us, we still don’t know those name band where exist because name itself come naturally from mind. Midnight Runners is quite plain, boring and yet hard to remember but it’s a good name for later time.

First EP’s with Darker Than Wax (Singapore)

Logo itself is two times we changing, first one was made by our second honcho of group who always stay on deep background is Yordan Admiral. Casual typography with draw line on middle “N” word of Midnight Runners. He’s graphic designer and always support us from design department, he made a digital artwork and vinyl cover art in our first EP which release by Darker Than Wax and vinyl press by 630 Recordings with co-graphic designer; Cahya Sofyan.

Secondly which made by most unique artist in town, his name is Adi Dharma or his artist name is Stereoflow. He make collective art group called FAB Family, strictly make street art back then which i very proud of his group. Line of typography is really original from his hand draw. Its feel like 80’s cursive typo like that but different is just thickness cursive line an more like graffiti light touched.

Midnight Runners – Rare Essence LP on Neon Finger (Spain)

Our second logo is most used until now. It have very own identity and charming as it is.

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