5 Years of Funkbox Records

On Saturday evening in Bandung 5 years ago, recently first Midnight Runners release has been published on Darker Than Wax records label from Singapore, it was the time, my music career starting i guess. Without knowing electronic music scene around my town, only have experience with collective non-profit community called OPENLABS in Bandung.

Someone contacted me via Yordan’s phone (Yordan is one of Midnight Runners) wanted to talk to me, it was an artist & music producer, Adi Dharma aliases Stereoflow and Spydee (for his music works).

Sharing & Chatting about what we likes in particular boogie, funk & soul music. From there, we make a group or communities on boundaries black music based called FUNKBOX RECORDS, at the time it was merely support activation of his brand called “Flow like You Know”, but more than support brand itself.

We make a lot small parties at bars in town even out of city in Bandung. Although, music is kind of flashback way around but our equipment and technology are new and fresh. So, our community build based on what we have today with retro music vibe but look modern in these days. We even have youngster producer & Dj to make things keep headed up.

To make everything look different, we make particular kind a grainy documentation with using 35mm camera and scanned with digital 35mm scanner. We doing this in almost 3 years back consistently. Hiatus almost for 2 years, from now we start make another sweet & crazy party.

Funkbox Records first release it was Midnight Runners mini EP album called ODYSSEY with remixes of our Funkbox records friends. And it was never publish yet. Keep updated with our friends Funkbox Records here.

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